Tropical Weddings

Beach weddings! Tropical Beach weddings are so in right now, and they are becoming more and more popular every day. Having worked at a formal wear shop, I cant tell you how many people have come in looking for sandy beige suit pants and vests for their beach wedding! But, what if you wanted something a bit more casual? Not everybody is into the full suit-and-tie wedding! In fact, one of our customers recently has had a beach wedding using our Hawaiian shirts! How cool is that!

There are so many factors to a wedding: the dress, the venue, the colours, the cake, the suits, the invitations, the everything! It makes your head spin just thinking about it. Before we dive right into the tips and ideas about tying the knot in front of the waves, here are a few fun facts.

Did you know at a traditional Hawaiian wedding, the flowers hold a great significance. The traditional Hawaiian flower lei (traditionally made out of flowers like Orchids, Carnations and Plumerias) represent and act as a symbol of love and respect. Not only are they worn by the bride and groom, but also by all members of the wedding party. There’s usually a traditional lei exchange between the bride and the groom at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Hawaiian’s believe that the beauty and significance of each individual flower is not lost when it becomes a part of a lei, but it becomes stronger and brighter because of the strength of their bond. The lei is also seen in the same significance as we see a wedding ring, an unbroken circle that represents the bride and grooms eternal and never ending commitment and love for one another.

Now onto some fun stuff! The best tips Island Style Clothing have found on having a beach wedding! We’ve scoured pinterest, google and wedding blogs to find the finest ideas for you to use!


Hawaiian Beach Weddings

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