How to tie a Sarong

Beach essentials: an adorable bikini or one-piece, water (to stay hydrated), beach towel, sunnies and OF COURSE a classic sarong!

Pink Mandala Sarong

There’s no denying that sarongs are one of the most iconic staple pieces when it comes to organising for a day at the beach or packing for a relaxing getaway to Hawaii! They are one of the oldest and most simplistic garments in the world that can take your gorgeous summer suit to the next level!  

Sarongs are the definition of versatility! There are really no rules when it comes to a sarong and definitely no shortage of ways in which you can style your own. You can fold it, twist it and wrap it in endless rearrangements making it unrecognisable from the previous! So, have we piqued your interest yet? Keep reading for our personal favourite tips and tricks for tying and styling a sarong! 

Style 1: The iconic sarong skirt

  1. Firstly you want to hold your sarong horizontally, and then, as you would a towel, wrap it around your waist or hips. (If the sarong is too long for your preference, folding it in half before getting started will give you a shorter more personalised look!)
  2. You then want to grab opposing corners and simply tie them into a knot (if this doesn’t feel secure enough, you can then tie another knot on top of the original one)
  3. To spice things up a bit, instead of tying the sides with a simple knot, you can add a timeless coconut clip and thread your knot through one of these! (You can see this demonstrated on our model)
  4. Now position the knotted side of the sarong wherever you want. We suggest the side of the hip. 

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