How to take care of your reusable face mask 🧼

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Just as we thought we had almost made it through one of the most unforeseen global disasters, we have been struck with yet another unwelcome wave of cases.

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As a country, we have put in the hard yards social distancing, readjusting to new work environments and masking up to protect ourselves and everyone around us. Whilst the majority of the country is slowly but surely returning back to “normal” with the ease of restrictions, Victoria and New South Wales have seen themselves back at square one. 

There is no doubt that masks have become an essential part of everyone’s day-to-day routine when venturing outside of the house. Not only are they here for personal protection, but they are also here to ensure the safety of everyone you may come into contact with on your way to the grocery store or running errands throughout the day. Along with becoming an essential piece of attire, they have also now been made mandatory in many parts of Australia, with hefty consequences if not adhered to. So, in response to this, we thought we’d list of a few handy tips and tricks for the hygienic maintenance of your mask. 

Please keep in mind that these are STRICTLY recommendations and should only be applied to reusable masks and NOT disposable masks. For any enquiries regarding official COVID-19 updates, please visit

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Along with Victoria and New South Wales, it is extremely important for all of Australia to continue to mask up as we progressively trip further away from the comforts of our home. In conjunction with wearing a mask, there are also a few critical things to remember when using and looking after your mask.

The initial step to guarantee your mask is doing its job properly is to ensure it is a nice snug fit around the lower half of your face, securely covering your nose and mouth. Once you’ve found yourself an appropriately fitting mask, is it now time to think about practising good hygiene. We always recommend washing your hands before AND after taking your mask on and off. This ensures that you are never introducing new bacteria in and around your mask or face area when going about your business. Once you do eventually take off your mask or are back in your car travelling between locations, we recommend placing your mask into a clean plastic/zip lock bag between uses to prevent any introduction of new/foreign bacteria. 

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As suggested by Australian health officials, the best way to keep your reusable mask sterile and clean for the next use is to wash it with detergent then completely drying it with the aid of a heated dryer or placing it in the sunshine. By following these recommendations, you can comfortably go about your day knowing that your reusable mask is clean and performing its job at full capacity. Please keep in mind that it is NEVER advised to wear your mask if it has not been completely dried or has been compromised and is now damp. Damp cloth will give unwelcome bacteria the perfect environment to grow and replicate, which essentially defeats the whole purpose of wearing your mask in the first place!

In conjunction with following the above hygienic recommendations, it is KEY to continue social distancing, frequently washing and sanitising your hands while following the directions of government and health officials. 

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As a small, locally owned business, we are thrilled to be able to supply our fellow Australians with fashionable and practical reusable face masks during these uncertain times. Our unique masks are made from 3 layers of cotton which help in filtering dust, bacteria, smoke and pollen all whilst preventing you from touching your face. You can rest assured that our masks will keep you safe and looking sharp by adding a statement piece to your outfit.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those who have been and are currently being affected by the virus. We hope that as a community we can all stay happy and healthy, knowing that we can get through this together. 

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