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Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday is a popular tradition that started in Hawaii decades ago. While no one company or brand is credited with its inception, many believe the practice was put into place to emulate Casual Friday on the mainland. At first, the idea of donning lavish Hawaiian shirts was to simply showcase its captivating blend of floral arrangements and styles. Sporting elegant Hawaiian shirts also embraced the culture, history, and heritage of the island nation and its Polynesian neighbours. While some were making a fashion statement, other firms believed it was more about substance rather than style. No truer was this then when it came to raising funds for local charitable organisations and philanthropic causes.

Bright Shirt Friday

From Oahu to Maui, ‘Bright Shirt Friday’ is still in effect today. The legendary and iconic singer Jimmy Buffet has also popularized Hawaiian shirts and accessories over the years. In fact, he was celebrating the Hawaiian culture and styles long before it became trendy or ‘buzz’ worthy on social media. Buffet’s inspiration, of course, was the legendary Don Ho who captivated audiences for years with his soothing Hawaiian songs and ballads. Bright Shirt Friday has even grown in popularity on the mainland. In fact, countless companies and brands consistently hold Hawaiian themed events and raffles all in the name of fundraising. Whether for comfort or charitable causes, Aloha Friday continues to soar in popularity and has even tapped into the Canadian and European markets.

Hawaiian Theme Events

Hawaiian theme events have been around for years. These parties and functions are synonymous with great food and family style entertainment. Usually, these gatherings are also marked by traditional Hawaiian hula dancing, wreaths, along with mouth watering dishes and beverages. While countless corporations host events year round to celebrate Polynesian culture, these parties are also held for team building purposes. Most, of course, take place on Friday or over the weekend at designated outdoor spots or restaurants. They are for the whole family and offer hours of non-stop entertainment and fun. With the digital age upon us, Aloha Friday events are even streamed online for employees in remote locations or abroad.

Event Tradition

The Hawaiian culture has been embraced all over the world. As a haven for tourists and visitors, the islands continue to attract thousands of guests from all corners of the globe. With immaculate weather and people of all races and religions, Hawaii is truly the melting pot of the South Pacific. In order to capture the true allure and essence of the region, Aloha Friday was first put into fruition back in the mid 60s. While some may contest that claim, the idea of wearing vibrant and colourful Island shirts to work was the brainchild of Bill Foster, Sr. of the Hawaiian Fashion Guild. Bill and his team believed it was vital to wear comfortable Aloha shirts during those scorching summer months. He was right and the practice still continues today!

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